TIK FIP | 10 Dec 2017


By the end of the Year 2017, Student Executive Board (BEM) of FIP UMJ routinely helds Basic Student Leadership Training (BSLT). The Four-Day Event, from Thursday to Sunday, 7-10 December 2017, is attended by a hundred students from five disciplines, and from semester one to semester five. This activity is conducted to improve the capacity of students who are prepared as a cadre of organizations at Hima level (Student Associations), BEM, BPH (Daily Board), and IMM (Ikatan Mahasiswa Muhammadiyah).

      Participation of this program requires screening for participants, ie through background interviews and motivation to participate in the Annual Leadership Training. The end of the four days and nights of activity is the readiness of the student leadership cadre including the involvement of the organization in the future.

LDKM participants were released in FIP UMJ field by the Dean of FIP UMJ, Dr. Iswan, M, Si, on Thursday afternoon before departing to the location in Cilember, Cisarua, Bogor. On that occasion, the Dean advised the participants to carry out the activities as well as possible and gain new skills and competencies in terms of leadership, organization, and other soft skills.

    The activities in Puncak (Bogor, West Java) area are mentored by senior students who are also activists, and trained by a lecturer, Dr. Dirgantara Wicaksono, M.Pd with intense facilitation by Vice Dean III of Student Affairs and AIK, Misriandi, M.Pd.